Weight Loss Program Analysis

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To help my roommate's chances of making the football team I have devised a weight loss program focusing on the techniques of reinforcement to monitor his progress. The program I devised is a one month long routine involving meal preparation and exercise. Starting with meal preparation I had to look at the current weight of my roommate and the weight goal he wants to achieve after this one month long program. Since my roommate weighs around 220lbs and wants to weigh 200lbs by the end of this program I calculated the amount of proteins, simple carbohydrates, and vegetables that need to be in each meal to support enough nutrients to the body without adding extra weight. Each meal contains around 7 ounces of proteins, preferably lean ground beef, chicken and fish. For carbohydrates a cup of rice or quinoa will be used with each meal and for…show more content…
If my roommate is on track and loosing weight there will be a celebration workout that involves something fun and enjoyable for my roommate. One specific celebration I devised is paintball, I chose this activity because it still involves cardio while adding an enjoyable aspect of shooting a paintball gun. There will be no rewards that contain unhealthy food choices such as fast food, candy and junk food. This is because each bad meal choice will result in weigh gain making it counter productive for the goals my roommate is trying to achieve. If my roommate does not follow each step of this program there will be signs of negative reinforcement such as harder and longer workouts to keep him on track to make the football team. This program is devised to help my roommate loose weight but this can only be achieved by him, he is ultimately the deciding factor. I can only tell my roommate what to do while watching his activities and progress as closely as possible but if he is not committed there will be no opportunity for
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