Weight Loss Research Project Essay

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In the American Culture we have adapted many ways of the Greek and Roman Empires. Our society has the laid back lifestyle of the Greeks and the physical fitness of the Romans. Statistics show 45 percent of Americans set a goal every year to achieve weight loss/fitness. Of that 45 percent, and just under half of Americans still maintain their New Year’s Resolution (Hub Pages). The question is why is weight-loss so important in America? There are many answers and factors that play into figuring out the equation. One factor is the increase of obesity in our country year in and year out. Other key factors is the impact of media on our culture to look slim and be sexy, and even children’s toy figures have become more masculine and…show more content…
In 2004 the United States Supreme court placed a ban on the supplement. Yohimbine is also similar to ephedra; it can have a significant effect on body fat but does pose negative side effects (Case Watch). Although it has not been banned, you can only attain yohimbine with a prescription legally in the United States. It’s important to keep in mind that these are just two examples of supplements used for weight loss that may pose harm, but not all are as dangerous. Some common supplements that are constantly seen in magazines, commercials, and on the internet are Hydroxycut, Trim spa, and Lipo Six. These pills are suggested to be used in conjunction of a healthy diet and proper workout programs in order to be effective. The marketing of these products makes them attractive towards consumers who are athletes and people who want to have better appearance. In most ads you will notice a ripped bodybuilder or woman who trained with product. This technique is used to help enhance the image of the product. In addition some advertisements show before and after photos from “real” people who took supplements. The supplements are not regulated by the FDA so the claims the companies make may or may not be bias but appear to have an affect when use correctly. Having a healthy diet is the most crucial element to effective weight loss. Choosing the right diet and sticking to it is the hard part. With
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