Weight Loss and Hypnosis

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Weight issues are a delicate matter for everyone and especially in United Kingdom. It’s particularly important to understand the emotional issues behind the weight gain as well as the bad habits that have been picked up over the years. However hypnosis has these days become increasingly popular with weight loss and uses suggestions to change a person's behaviour and eating habits in order to facilitate weight loss. Hypnosis specify that its purpose is not only lose weight but to also maintain that ideal weight. Through hypnotic suggestion, the person will learns how to eat healthy and may also become physically fit. Basically, the person becomes subconsciously motivated to eat better food and to become physically active.

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E with tools and techniques to help stay on track to achieve her goals. The aim is to equip her with the tools and abilities that she will continue to use even after therapy sessions ends.
By identifying what triggers Ms. E over-eating, I would substitute more appropriate techniques to manage her emotional problems and take food and weight gain out of the equation.
As a hypnotherapist, I would first conduct an initial consultation with Ms. E in order to establish whether hypnotherapy is the right treatment for her and whether I can treat her ethically, ensuring that the treatment is within my competency limits as a therapist and as well as identifying her medical history.
Ethical Considerations
Ms. E’s desires a faster weight loss than that recommended and as a hypnotherapist, I must encourage her to lose weight at a healthier manageable and realistic rate.
I would need to find out if and ascertain if her weight gain is due to any medical conditions or medications she may be taking. If, during this process, we identify areas of concern she will need to get further help or get a letter from her GP confirming that she is suitable for hypnotherapy.
Initial consultation
This initial consultation is free of charge as it is an opportunity to assess whether I can treat Miss E ethically, for example being within my competency limits as a therapist, as well as identifying her personality type in order to write a personalised screed with the preferred modality. In
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