Weight Loss and Ideal Target Market

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1. What makes Metabical different from the other weight-loss products on the market?
Medibical is the first FDA-approved prescription drug for the overweight segment (BMI 25-30). It is a low-dose formula that reduces stress on heart and liver functions. Metabical also contains a controlled-release feature that requires only one pill be taken per day which leads to better patient compliance. Participants experience dramatic weight loss with an average 26 pounds for BMI 28-30 and 15 pounds for BMI 25-28 within 12 weeks. There are also less severe negative side effects associated with excess fat and calories in the diet which can help with behavior modification and promote healthier eating habits. CSP also plans to create a comprehensive
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Although expensive, a celebrity spokesperson can greatly increase sales and brand recognition. By having a trusted figure touting the benefits of Metabical, CSP could gain a competitive advantage over other companies looking to make generic forms of the drug once the patent expires.

4. How important is the health care provider for the weight-loss product decision? What proposed advertising concept to health care providers would you implement?
The health care provider is a vital component in patient decision making and in the success of Metabical. As patients begin to ask their doctors about the drug, CSP needs to ensure that physicians are properly educated about Metabical and its benefits. Additionally, doctors can have significant influence not only over their patients but also over insurance companies and the general public by supporting Metabical and substantiating it’s claims. I would position the drug as a supplement to doctors looking to advocate a healthier lifestyle for their patients. It’s important to use all the different advertising concepts so health care providers are able to understand the different elements of Metabical. It is a clinically proven and FDA approved weight-loss drug that is a safe alternative to dangerous OTC drugs. Doctors now have the ability to empower patients to change unhealthy eating habits and achieve long-term success. The simple once-a-day pill in combination with the comprehensive support program can
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