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Professor Markus Zindelo English 1213-048 May 17 2013 Weight Problems In society today, childhood obesity is becoming a growing and alarming concern. This trend is reflected in the poem “Fat Children,” by Natalie Day. This is a poem about how hard a mother found it to stop feeding the hungry mouths of her children. A thoughtful analysis of this poem reveals a theme about unethically advocating being overweight. This is easily discernible in the sentence, “Even when they smelled of vomit / and diarrhea, I kept feeding them” (Day lines 11-12). Reading on, this theme develops even further in the sentence, “I kept baking cakes and frying sausages, / even when repulsed” (Day 12-13). While this is a very widely known subject, unbeknownst…show more content…
Therefore, it is clear to see that modernly utilized technology is not actually costing the consumer any more than vehicles from yesteryear. While both sides seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum on this matter, they actually share a common interest. The similar interest in this debate is excessive fuel consumption. Those who proclaim the modern automobile should be a strictly economic and lightweight machine care about not consuming excessive amounts of fuel by doing away with unneeded and heavy extras. They also don’t want a higher impact on the environment from increased fuel consumption. Likewise, those who proclaim the modern automobile should not be a strictly economic and lightweight machine care about preserving the fuel economy as set by their previous cars. They feel that as long as their current fuel consumption does not decline, they will welcome the addition of new technology. In the end, although both sides care about and measure excessive fuel consumption differently, they care about it equally. Since both sides agree to an aversion of excessive fuel consumption, a great compromise would simply be to use lighter wheel and tire setup. A trend has been continuing where vehicles are being equipped with increasingly larger wheels and tires (Paula). This added rotational mass has very serious adverse effects to fuel economy, as tested by Car and Driver. They logged that the difference

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