Weight Training : The Iron Game Essay

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The Iron Game Since the beginning of time, humans have found ways to alter their bodies. Mostly due to cultural influences, we adapt to what seems culturally desirable. Currently in Africa, women stretch their necks to bizarre lengths for an increase in social status (Gluckman). In America, anyone doing this to their bodies would be viewed as a nut job. This is due to the different social views around the world. Throughout history, different types of body alteration have been adopted or done away with. Weight lifting, which has been around for centuries, is a very popular form of body alteration. Weight training originated in the Egyptian-Greek era. Since war was common in those days, weight training was a tool to gain muscle and stamina. It wasn’t until the early 1900’s did a man named Eugene Sandow change the way people viewed bodybuilding. In those days, weightlifters were called “strongmen”. These “strongmen” entertained people with their displays of great strengths by lifting animals and pulling carts. Many “strongmen” were overweight with meaty limbs, in which today’s society would view as “overweight”. It wasn’t until Sandow came along that the concept of weightlifting changed. Sandow was able to display great acts of strength, but unlike the “strongmen”, had an appealing physique to the public. His physique drew people in by the masses. People became intrigued with weightlifting and many researchers began to study the sport. Through their research, they
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