Weight Watchers Plan

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Weight Watchers is an international company that was founded to help their customers with losing and maintaining their weight. They also have a large amount of dieting products that customers can purchase to aid them in maintaining successful and long lasting weight loss.

The original Weight Watchers plan invites members to weekly meetings where members hold group sessions, helping dieters form a network of support with people sharing similar experiences. Upon arrival, each person checks their weight privately. Meetings are conducted by a trained Meeting Leader who motivates and offers the group support through information about nutrition and fitness.

Other programs include but are not limited to The Flex Program, The Core Program and the Turnaround Program. Each program can be tailored to a
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The strength however of the Weight Watchers plan is not to be found in the underpinning diet itself, but in the need that all dieters have for information, advice, help and, above all, support in what is typically a long, and at times difficult, struggle to remove those stubborn pounds.

Weight Watchers has been around, but it has been until very recently that they developed a special "Points" system, which consists of assigning a point-value to foods based on the amount of kilo joules, fat and (in theory) the amount of fibre each food contains. All this is estimated by using a patented formula.

This diet program allows you to record your points in an online journal if you are following the flex plan. It allows you to see all of the foods on the core plan and have access to a point calculator to figure the points in specific foods that you have nutritional info. This is great for people who do not have the time to attend meetings or who do not need motivation to stick with their plan but just need simple guided
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