Weimar Republic And Its Effect On The Republic

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The Weimar republic by:Efren Camacho, World History, pd 1 Weimar republic weaknesses were important because, the Weimar republic was elected for a new republic of Germany later on,that did not turn on well. First, the weimar republic was elected for new government Jan,1919. The Nazis came to power in the 1930’s, and manich to establish a dictatorship.why were the Weimar republic weaknesses significant? The origins of the Weimar republic, weaknesses, how did Hitler come to power. This are some of the ideas why was why was the Weimar weaknesses significant. Germany was forced to drop out of the first WW.Kaiser Wilhelm 2 fled the country. A new republic was created in Jan, 1919. Elections were done for a…show more content…
What i 'm trying trying to say, they were weak because of WW1. The weimar republic was the consequence of a newly Democratic germany. When the hyperinflation kicked in, the germans blamed the government. Any republic that doesn’t have the confidence of its citizens has hard time keeping peace and order. What i 'm trying trying to say, they were weak because of WW1 The government of weimar republic had some issues before. But though the weimar was unsuccessful in gaining popularity in the military as it attracted much resentment by being the signator of the versailles. But the weimar republic fighting off the strong opposition received from the spartacist in germany. Gustav Stresemann, was planing to solve germany’s economic problem. He became chancellor in 1923 and supported by the social democrats. He wanted to fix problem germany’s reparation problems but then later on it got worst. Hitler’s rise to power cannot be attributed to one event,but a mixture of factors. The strengths of the nazi party, and the weaknesses of the parties within germany. Hitler use this to his advantage in 1933 he gained wages and unemployment pay the worst thing to do during a depression. In Conclusion, this explain the weimar weaknesses ,and how the republic was in the time they serve. In other words, this shows what the republic had to face through time. To
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