Weirding the Norm Essay

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Community College of Denver Weirding the Normal Julia Sayler Sociology 101006 Professor Megan Cortez 7 March 2016 Weirding the Normal: A Colorado State- Pueblo Football Game The Caplow article is about Rule Enforcement without Visible Means: Christmas Gift Giving in Middletown. This article talks about how people in the town of Middletown would give gifts. The town had gift giving for Christmas set up in many different ways. Some ways the town would do it were “Participants in this gift system should give (individually or jointly) at least one Christmas gift every year to their mothers, fathers, sons, daughters; to the current spouses of these persons; and to their own spouses” (Caplow 1315). The article also talks about Christmas…show more content…
The physical setting was amazing down here. The stadium was always packed even an hour before the game. The atmosphere was always so intense even during the games. The physical setting for the games was always the same. There was a section for the band, a section for the students, a parent section, and then the football team always had a tunnel in the form of a wolf that the players would run out of. The geography of this activity is located in what is known as the desert of Colorado. The stadium is in a valley behind the school, and the space is organized in a bowl shaped arena. When people first walk into the stadium they notice that the bleachers are higher than the field and track to try and help block some of the wind off the field. Along with the physical setting comes the variety of the fans of the Thunderwolf Football Team. The fans of Colorado State University – Pueblo have all sorts of different roles. The die-hard fans usually would take it more seriously and may try, negatively or positively, to influence the outcome of the game by cheering and yelling. Other normal behaviors for the games were parents cheering on the team or yelling either at the team, other parents, or the refs. The parents of the athletes would start off the game calm until either the ref or the other team did something that they didn’t like. After that some parents would start yelling or cussing. Then, comes the role of the students, they are the ones

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