Welcome And Vibrant Valley Patient Centered Medical Home

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Welcome to Vibrant Valley Patient-Centered Medical Home. We serve a diverse and multicultural community and are excited to help you with your healthcare needs. We recognize that accessing healthcare can be scary if you do not know anything about healthcare policies, financing and regulations. We created this handbook to help you understand how healthcare services are financed and delivered to patients and how the Affordable Care Act is changing how US citizens obtain access to health insurance. We encourage you to review this handbook and let us know if you have any questions.

We will all need to see a doctor at some point in our lives. We want to live happy, healthy normal lives. The cost of medical services can be very expensive and this is where insurance comes into play. Health insurance coverage can help you pay for routine doctor visits as well as hospital stays and more expensive services. But where do you get insurance from, how much does it cost, and what if you can’t afford it. To understand health insurance coverage you must understand several things.

How the US healthcare system is setup?
In many other countries there is a national healthcare program that allows each person to get a specific set of health care services for free. However, In the United States each person is responsible for paying for their healthcare. The US healthcare system is setup in four functional components:
Financing – paying for health care coverage…
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