Welcome To Dongmakgol

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In the film Welcome to Dongmakgol was an antiwar film that taking place in 1950 right in the middle of the Korean War after the American military got involved. The film takes place during the Korean War, and begins with an American pilot Smith, whose plane get caught in a storm of butterflies and crashes near an isolated village called Dongmakgol. Which the villages have no knowledge about the war or technology. At the start of the film, we see a young woman named Yeo-il who is smiling and slowly wave at the camera before smith plane pass over her. Right before he hits the ground the film slow down, Smith looks out the window to see a tiny butterfly flying with the plane before being killed. To me these butterflies represent Yeo-il for the reason that in Korea society butterflies…show more content…
The problem with war is that it is not something you can touch, kill or stop, unless you work together with whomever you are fighting to end it. However, you can only end a war if everyone decides to stop fighting. Which the director did when the North Korean, South Korean, American soldiers start to form an independent force on their own, plan to protect the villager from demolished. In addition, the director break down prejudices, analyze the war and come to terms with violence by using film series such as working together to kill the wild boar and helping the villagers with the harvest in order to pay for the damage they have created. That the American, South Korean and North Korean soldiers become friends and learn to see each other as humans, not enemies of war. The characters I find interesting was yeo-il because she live an innocent lives, kind, and gentle like children. Yeo-il is a source of comic. However, she was a representation of the carefree lifestyle and the existence of love in the world of Dongmakgol. Her bright smile as she wiped the faces of the tired soldiers and her modest gesture of love to Taik-gi. These actions gave the film and the village its
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