Welcome To The First Look At Intergenerosity. Our Mission

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Welcome to the first look at InterGENerosity. Our mission is to connect the older and younger generations by spreading resources and wisdom. We believe a world without ageism is possible, and desire to achieve this by empowering older adults and showing the younger generations all they have to offer. Values such as community, respect, compassion, wisdom, and influence to name a few, embody our slogan: Empowering the Generations with Wisdom through Connections. The baby boomer generation adds a new sixty five year old every eight seconds and they have a lot to offer. InterGENerosity provides both opportunity for employment and receiving in-home assistance with activities of daily living. Older adults have the skills and…show more content…
These differ in their questionnaire portion but all share the requirement of a background check and preferred method of communication (email, text, or phone call). The employment/volunteer applications involve references and the application for receiving care notes whether it is being filed by the elder or a family member. Interviews are first held over the phone and a secondary interview will be held in the office. Training would mainly be directed towards those giving care to the older adults and would consist of appropriate dress, language, and reminding the youth that the viewpoints expressed by the elder may be different from what they believe and that that is ok. Shadowing would also be a part of the volunteer training process. Discipline would vary based on the severity of the offense, but the first general misdemeanor would be met with a phone call, the second would be met with an in office discussion and either probation or re-shadowing, and the third would be met by an in office discussion and definite probation and re-shadowing and possibly termination. InterGENerosity wants to make sure that both sides of every story are heard, we want to protect caregivers and clients and will take action when appropriate and necessary. In the beginning, InterGENerosity will

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