Welfare And The Recipients Of Welfare

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Welfare and its Recipients In today’s time every single person has an opinion on a matter. That matter may be in politics, foreign affairs, racial profiling, or illegal immigrants. The matter that I address my attention to has to deal with welfare, and the recipients of welfare. Welfare is a program brought upon by the United States Government that provides assistance to American citizens that are needy individuals or needy families. The types and amounts of welfare available to individuals and families vary upon location. The most basic types of aid provided by welfare include: health care, food stamps, child care assistance, unemployment, cash aid, and housing assistance. This aid is provided by the American tax payers. Being a tax payer, this angers me deeply knowing that I’m providing for this program. Not that I do not want to help my fellow Americans, I feel as though this program should do more than just provide. My opinion on this matter is that recipients of this program should have to go through a longer, stricter process and higher regulations in order to receive these funds provided by welfare. The eligibility requirements that are now in place for recipients of this program in which are based on, include: gross and net income, size of family, any crisis situation such as medical emergencies, pregnancy, homelessness or unemployment (WelfareInfo). These requirements are obscured. These requirements show nothing on the recipient, other than what kind of situation
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