Welfare Benefit Analysis

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According to recent research, 35.4 percent of the total population in the United States receives welfare benefits (Jeffrey). Many do not mind supporting disabled people or those that are unable to work. However, supporting those who use the benefits for no good and take drugs should and will not be tolerated. Receiving benefits that enhance living standards is a blessing and should not be abused. Therefore, if individuals abuse this blessing and decide to do drugs, the benefits should be discontinued. Those who receive benefits should be drug tested and cleared before any application is approved.
One question that weasels its way into the talks of welfare is: why should hard working people pay for individuals that are flat out lazy? Welfare pays more than minimum wage jobs in 35 states as of 2013 (Roy). The United States wonders why so many people conclude to be “incapable of working”. It is free money they receive and are able to put towards their drug habits. “In some states welfare recipients receive benefits that are equivalent to a $20 an hour salary, whereas most states pay a minimum wage of $7.25. In the US, close to 110 million people collect government benefits, whereas, nearly 3.3 million individuals are receiving minimum wage earnings or less while working” (Tanner). Minimum wage should either be increased or welfare benefits cut
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cannot deny the fact that drug use is becoming more common on the streets for not just those on welfare but everyone as a whole. “Despite tough anti-drug laws, a new survey shows the U.S. has the highest level of illegal drug use in the world” (Warner). While on drugs, people become very different. Hostility increases and this leads to violence. With that being said, the government might be giving out money to be spent on drugs that provoke violence and crime. Many that are under the influence of drugs tend to be involved in violent acts. However, some may become violent or steal in order to pay for their
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