Welfare Fraud And Its Different Variations Of Cases

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Our Problem that we have decided to research is Welfare fraud and its different variations of cases and ways in which people are abusing the system. Some major fraud cases range from under-declaring income to faking sickness/illnesses to even using false names to collect funds. One of the major concerns or problems of fraud in the community are people abusing the system, whom are obtaining the benefits for which they are not entitled to. Disability support pension (DSP) is one of the major issues underlining welfare fraud. People are taking advantage of these privileges and taking it away from someone that is truly in need of the financial assistance for life. These ramifications have resulted in the following changes; ➢ People are being…show more content…
2014). There are a few sub skills consisted in this process such as; analysing, comparing, forecasting and evaluation. When using this method, critical thinking increases the probability of creating a logical outcome to a problem. Ref: Dwyer. CP, Hogan. MJ, Stuart. I 2014 “An integrated critical thinking framework for the 21st century”, school of psychology, national university of Ireland, Galloway, Ireland 3.3 Mind Mapping Mind Mapping is a thinking tool that can be used to reflect how the mind works. You start with a central idea and expand out from that, it is best to use curved lines as opposed to straight lines as they are free flowing like nature that is curved and without straight lines. Ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlabrWv25qQ 3.4 Brain storming/swarming/writing Brainstorming is a traditional and out of date method that is used to enable individuals or groups to collect and collate ideas. The main problem with brainstorming is that it won’t allow everybody’s voices to be heard, because extroverts will always dominate introverts. It doesn’t produce more ideas then people that work alone and the sharing of ideas within a group one at a time is extremely inefficient. Therefore Brain Swarming has been introduced. Brain Swarming is when individuals or groups each take post it notes and write down everything that comes to their mind. It is a known fact that

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