Welfare Has Been At The Forefront Of Debate

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Welfare has been at the forefront of debate in recent years and outlined in the original WelFAIR essay the author claimed it is unfair for hardworking Australians who contribute the most to receive the least in benefits. Instead a system designed to help people in need should be expunged with the burden to be transferred to their families. Throughout the essay, it was clearly one-sided with no good moral principles outlined. The prevalence of arguments rejecting welfare based on the small percentage of ‘dole bludgers,’ who mis-use the system is invalid. Based on these false pretences, the normative conclusion was that the welfare system should be abolished. The purpose of this reflection is to review the ethical dimensions explicitly and implicitly contained in the essay to determine if this a moral judgement or one merely made from a bias point of view. Furthermore, if any other ethical principles applied to the case and if this could of provided a stronger basis for the abolition of welfare. If there is a moral principle it would be an appeal to fairness, that is the right thing to do is what allows people to keep their own hard earned money. Throughout the essay, a harsh light was shined on all welfare recipients and these pre-conceived notions represented the author’s focus on his/her own self interest. Hence, a moral relativism standpoint seems to be the underlying ethical principle in the arguments, in particular, the idea of subjectivism where right and wrong is
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