Welfare Of The Government Aid

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Have you ever really questioned the amount of misusage of the Government aid? If so, did you know that Welfare misuse is more common then any average person may think. According to welfareinfo.org, 434,977 people are currently being aided with finical help with the United States. Which is only this year, it will only increase as the years go by. That isn’t only a lot of money that is being deducted by hard working people, but at least half of it is being misused. The start of what we today know as Welfare was created long before today’s programs we know were created. When looking up the definition of Welfare it is defined as financial support given to people in need. (Dictionary). These programs were created to aid those in need. Although, this system is great in thought many of it aspects are constantly being misused and abused by those receiving it. Which doesn’t only result in the loose of money that is being throw away, also those in true need of the aid not being aided, we as a community need to bring attention to this issue by informing one and other of the issue and aiming for government awareness. That in the end will result in working citizens saving more of their paycheck, that we all would love cause life is getter more expensive by the day!

Welfare, though it’s a good system to aid the ones in need it is constantly being misused by many recipients. The little to no struggle to obtain it easily obtained allows the lazy avoid truly tying to be an asset to…
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