Welfare Of The United States

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Welfare is a subject of debate in the United States because everyone has a different point of view when it comes to the Social Security Act. On one side the rich may feel that the government takes from the rich, and gives to the poor. The poor on the other hand may believe that they are being forgotten and not helped enough by the government. Are the government financial assistance programs really working and helping people climb out of poverty or are they creating lazy people who depend on government assistance too much? Poverty has been an issue of great debate in America for centuries. Before the Social Security Act was passed, the United States government did not have a stable plan to help/aid the poor. It was the local governments’ responsibility to care for their disadvantaged. Many Americans believe only the poor receive welfare aid or benefits from the government, they are misguided, because even though welfare is a program who aids the poor it also helps most Americas in one way or another. Also, welfare helps big name corporations by giving them government funding for research he also gives them loans, grants, and tax breaks. In 2015 it was the eightieth year anniversary since President Theodore Roosevelt passed The Social Security Act law, and the problem has gotten worse not better. The purpose for this act was to help the unemployed or underemployed during the great depression. However, it extended to the poor through a variety of programs. In Addition, the
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