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How Single Mothers Survive Welfare and Low-Wage Work
Many struggle to live without government aid and other public assistance, but now we are living in a system where people went from welfare to work and back to welfare with a slowing economy those who got off of welfare went on make 9 to 12 hour for the first time in there lives and now what is happening once again is the is that people are back to a lower paying jobs or no job having to make a decisions about the ends justifying the means the authors talk a lot about what a mother would have to go through in order to make ends meet, but what they did not speak of is the single moms who are making it on low end paying jobs.      
What constitutes a necessity
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So I guess the same thing would apply for a man on welfare he would pinch off family members and find some woman with money so he can charm the pants off of her, to suggest that a mother would lack at least one of these resources just ridicules how a mother could lack both family and a man, because there are many single women who don’t have those two resources and they still can supplement that welfare check and provide for there family. The article also stated that Edin and Lien did not find such mother suggests to him they cannot maintain their own households.

There is a story in the San Francisco Chronicle about two single moms one is mother of three and how she got off of welfare and has now been laid off and is struggling to find another decent job she has had to live on the edge taking her jewelry to a pawnshop, then buying it back at a higher price when she need cash, this lady is dealing is dealing with debt, having to worry about
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