Welfare Programs And The Welfare Program

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The United States’ Federal and States governments have implemented many programs into the country to help out and benefit the citizens that live in this country. Some of these programs include Social Security, an insurance program providing benefits to retired people, the unemployed, and the disabled (Investopedia); Medicare, a health insurance program for Senior Citizens (people 65 years of age or older) (Investopedia); and the Stafford Student Loans, which is a program providing college and university undergraduate and graduate students with government-issued loans, which are intended to help these young adults while attending college (“11 Federal Benefits”). All of these programs have made a major influence on the way that the United States is today. One of the programs that has a major impact on many of the citizens in this country is the Welfare programs. The Welfare program is designed to assist families who are unemployed, on disability, or do not have enough money to provide or support their family on a weekly/biweekly basis. The Welfare program is very influential on the United States’ citizens, and has had a positive influence on these peoples’ lives.
The Social Welfare Program is a government program that provides financial aid to any individual or group of individuals that cannot fully support themselves. Because the government cannot fully support the large amount of people that are needing assistance via Welfare, there has to be other sources of income that…

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