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Is welfare a permanent solution or a temporary fix to a monumental epidemic in society today? Congress has implemented welfare reform legislation that simply has not helped or changed much. The question regarding the welfare system remains the same. What is wrong with welfare and how can it be fixed? This is not a simple question and does not have a simple answer. However, one thing is extremely clear; welfare is not working and desperately needs to change. The current welfare system is unfair to the taxpayers who are paying for failed programs, and the poor who remain trapped in a system that takes away their self-reliance and hope for their children. In the face of sweeping welfare reform, much still needs to be done to overhaul a…show more content…
Another failure in welfare reform is clear in the welfare-to-work reform that was enacted in 1996. It has fallen short in regards to what it set out to accomplish. This reform was intended to discourage everyone but the very ill or disabled from leading a life on benefits. Although, great in theory, it has failed to move many from the welfare system to the work force, and has two major stumbling blocks. The first one is very clear, the jobs just aren’t there. With the worsening economy and so many people losing their employment, the job market is flooded with people trying to find jobs. Many businesses have been forced to close which has contributed to less job openings. Without jobs for people to move into they continue to rely on welfare for their existence. The second problem with the welfare-to-work reform is that the jobs that can be obtained aren’t what they were in the past. Many jobs today are temporary, part-time, or have uncertain hours. Leaving the security of benefits for jobs like these can be related to stepping out on cracking ice, and not many people are willing to take this step. Unless these problems are dealt with, the welfare-to-work reform will continue to be unsuccessful in helping people gain employment and they will continue to cling to benefits for support. Welfare reform has failed miserably in its attempt to address the crisis of illegitimacy, therefore requiring more and more funding for assistance

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