Welfare Reform For Drug Test Recipients

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Clean Give Away Pretend you are in kindergarten again and you have just won your favorite bag of candy for behaving yourself in class all week, and right when the teacher presents you with your glorious prize a fellow classmate, which had already been to the principals twice that week, comes up and asks for a piece. You do not want to give him a piece because you worked hard for it and he broke the rules so they do not deserve it, but then they go complain to the teacher and she says you have to share with him. Would you be upset if you worked hard to obey the rules to win a bag of candy, and then you find out that you could have gotten a piece anyways? This is exactly how many taxpayers feel about welfare recipients that refuse to take…show more content…
Since its conception welfare has been a source of continuous controversy. The main negative throughout the years has been that people on welfare will never attempt to find a job and just live off the government, but recently there has been a lot of attention brought specifically to the recipients that are drug abusers. Therefore, some taxpayers are calling for a system in which recipients are drug tested prior to receiving aid, but these systems are strongly opposed by those who are current members of welfare. There have been several states that have attempted to start some sort of drug testing program. This overview of programs was provided by “Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly”. Michigan and Texas enacted system that would refuse aid to recipients that failed a drug test while applying for a job, but did not require employers to administrate drug test. Wisconsin attempted a similar bill that required employers to submit any failed drug test whether or not the person was on welfare or not in hopes of catching any current or future applicants of welfare. In 2003 TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) passed a law that all Michigan applicants were required to take drug test prior to acceptation. Along with Florida that tried the same thing. Missouri implemented a process that would only
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