Welfare Reform Essay

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Many have argued and debated about a systematical program called welfare. Some perceive it as dead weight to our nation and they question whether the programs offered are helping the community. As taxpayer's, the American populous funds contribute to welfare for others. Due to the large number of people who receive government assistance, it is not that simple to monitor every individual. However, I propose that welfare should be reformed. Society is abusing the access to social welfare and to prevent the downfall sure to come, the government needs to reform the accessibility and ownership of welfare because it betrays its creation; it is creating a dependent nation, and affects taxpayers and people who truly need government assistance.…show more content…
Citizen of all financial levels from the poor, middle-class and even what some considered first-class, citizen commit welfare fraud.# In committing federal fraud, Americans risk severe punishment and extensive debt to pay. So one would think everyone who commits welfare fraud would be prosecuted and thrown in jail. Too many citizens receive welfare to monitor everyone, which is understandable. Is society responsible for the well-being of others who depend on another? If so, what is the cost to the rest of the community? Is the dependent able body citizen to be held in any way responsible for them selves? How far must poverty go before society is morally bound to act? Theses are the questions asked about welfare by taxpayers, as stated by Joseph Westfall. # Numerous question but we do not have a definite answer. Billions of dollars are collected for welfare yearly. The profits are involuntarily taken from taxpayers and redistributed to those demonstrating economic need. The problem lies in that from this system is anyone can reap profit from the money collected from taxpayer’s, even the very same taxpayers can fool the system. For instance, as I was researching information on welfare fraud, I came across the department of social service website. On this web page, it contained a list of fraudulent crimes by 13 people and among then was a women named Feleni F. Leota. In August 2008, Feleni F. Leota who worked two jobs making 19,000

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