Welfare in the United States: A Complex and Controversial Subject

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Abstract Examining welfare in the United States it always seems to be a complex and controversial subject. Welfare is directed at various aspects of public policy such as economics, education/training, culture diversity, taxation, incentives, actualization as well as the actual role of the government. The paper will commence by briefly discussing the idea of state welfare system, the origin, development, purpose, and specific view on the way welfare system has undergone changes from the error of Depression. This therefore brings us to the importance of having knowledge on the implication of the 1988 Family Support Act (FSA), the attitude change and policy concerning welfare, as well as the most recent way of focusing to the finding methods of training, retraining or educating individuals in welfare for them to get gainful employment especially those who move to the corporate world. Other aspects such as challenges, interventions as well as potential outcomes are looked into, and this is among juxtaposition between the fiscal output for society and the potential gain. Some of the major challenges tend to be going back to the ancient world and the philosophy behind government subsidies. In the short-term, it became less expensive to pay for food and housing, sign up for Medicare as well as providing a bus fare as compared to providing years of training, on top of benefits. Nevertheless, in the long-term, results of moving a welfare recipient to the corporate world was of
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