Essay on Welfare to Work

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Welfare to Work In 1996 Bill Clinton passed an Act (Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 (PRWORA)) that moved welfare recipients off of aid and on to becoming working productive citizens. Under the Act, welfare recipients would have two years to find a job and get off of aid. Several programs were designed in order to help encourage and eventually get the recipients on their way to being successful citizens. Our tax dollars fund these programs. The program, more commonly known as the Welfare-to-Work program was broken up into different stages in order to best help the recipients. Once the participant (welfare recipient) signs up for Welfare, he/she is assigned a gain worker who is there to help…show more content…
The provider is allowed to pick the amount they want to receive as long as it is below the market rate (rate of pay set by the county). Since the participants don’t have to worry about paying for childcare, they can concentrate on achieving the goals that they have set for themselves in the program. As the program goes on, they become more independent and eventually progress into jobs so they can support themselves. Advantages The AP R&R’s are broken up into three different stages. Stage one is designed for participants who have just joined the program and need training or help finding a job. Stage two is designed for participants who have been in Stage one and are progressing in to work and/or schooling. Participant should have an income coming in while they are in stage two. The participant, depending on their gross monthly intake pays a parent fee. Stage three is a follow up of stage two; the participant should have established a work history and can maintain a stable healthy lifestyle without aid. In turn, babies are well taken care of and grow up healthy and strong. Money is being circulated in the community and there are jobs for people. The participants learn skills that can carry them on to the next job and help them survive so that they don’t have to depend on welfare to support them. The AP R&R’s have other services that are good for the participants. Resource and referral program, which is
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