We'll Always Be Friends But Not 'Just Friends'

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“Charlotte! It’s eleven o’clock; get your lazy ass outta bed now!” Mum called from the kitchen. “I hope you didn’t sleep in like this all the time I was away!” “Yeah, course not.” I mumbled pulling the covers over my head, snuggling further into their warmth. A few more minutes please I internally begged not ready to open my eyes to the light. Next thing the warmth covering me disappeared as the cold air attacked me. “Get out of bed now Charlotte!” “No, I’m still sleeping.” I grumbled. “You have to get ready for dinner later and don’t forget to bring your boyfriend over!” Mum giggled like an intoxicated teenager from one of those cliché American chick flicks. “I won’t!” I wouldn’t be able to forget with you reminding me every few minutes. “Now get up and get ready for dinner!” “No!” I sighed loudly exaggerated on the ‘o’. But then I eventually gave up against the cold air that was freezing off my legs. Should have worn a onesie I mentally face-palmed myself. “Oh and wear something nice, we’re dressing up!” Mum called from the kitchen again. “No!” Not the effort! I dragged myself to the bathroom to take a quick shower and then brushed my teeth. I looked through my closet at the endless hangers supporting clothes that didn’t suit the occasion. A football jersey, another football jersey, shorts, shorts, shorts, a t-shirt, another t-shirt, leggings, jeans and more jeans. I finally stopped at the end of the wardrobe; the last hanger supporting the red dress my auntie

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