Well Being of Children and Young People

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HELEN TANDY: REF No: DG66205 UNIT 3 /CODE CYP CORE 3.3 UNDERSTAND HOW TO SAFEGUARD THE WELLBEING OF CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE TASK 1 TO LEARNING OUTCOME 1 ASSESMENT CRITERIA 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 1.1 The first children’s act was brought out in 1989 to make it easier for the laws which protected children and young adults. It was mad clear that all children had rights and all the children services should work together in the event of any allegations of child abuse. England & Wales produced separate documents WORKING TOGETHER TO SAFEGUARD CHILDREN. This was to make clear to responsibilities of professionals towards children who are at risk of harm. It was still proven in 2003 the professionals were still not working together…show more content…
In the unfortunate event of a child becoming lost or separated in our setting we remain calm and reassure all other children in our care. Carry out a thorough search for the child. If the child is still not found the police will be called and parents will be notified. When going on any outings we send a letter to get written permission from all parents and gain information from parents in relation to their child’s behavior ( if they have a tendency to run off)ensure our public liability insurance is current and valid and complete a risk assessment. When necessary we provide safety harness for children or make sure all children understand about holding an adults hand. If on an outing and a child is lost the alarm will be raised and adults around will be asked to look for the child if cctv is in use and security guards are in place we will notify the staff to co-ordinate a search. * Fire prevention/escape I am the health and safety office at my work place and ensure regular safety checks are carried out I check the smoke alarms every week we have a fire blanket situated in the kitchen and fire extinguishers. In my setting we carry out practice fire drills so the children in our care understand what to do in case of a fire we record the time/date of when the practice was carried out how long it took, whether there were
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