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Well Educated Narrative Essay 1 - Well Educated Eng. 101 Liberty Online Professor Well Educated We all more than likely know someone who would fit the common catch phrase of being very well educated but having absolutely no common sense .Alfie Kohn’s article “What does it mean to be well educated?” elaborated on this topic wonderfully. Moreover, Kohn added, familiarity with lists of words, names, books and ideas is a poor way of judging whether one is well-educated. (Kohn, 2003, p. 3) I would definitely have to agree. A person who may fit today’s standard definition of well-educated may very well find themselves in the unemployment line if all of the book smart knowledge they have attained is not valuable in…show more content…
A local school district requested a written transcript to use in future sensitivity training for teachers. My mom razzed him once again and laughed as she told him “You better make sure you use spell check on that before you send it over”! He remains to be the smartest man I know and would definitely be referred to by most as well-educated (he has the diplomas on his office wall to prove it) but to put it simply he can’t spell worth a darn. Alfie Kohn speaks very candidly in his article saying “I’ve come to realize that many truly brilliant people cannot spell or punctuate”. I’d have to agree that is most defiantly the case with my dad. He is however my inspiration at 44 years of age and with a child in college myself, I have decided to return to university myself to better my education. With all of this being said to me being well educated means to me that when the same man who I have been referring as the smartest man I know was diagnosed with colon cancer 8 months ago. My family sought care and treatment for my dad at Johns Hopkins Hospital where we believed and still believe some of the most skilled and well educated physicians study teach and practice medicine. It was a no brainer for us when making so many important and life saving decisions. These highly skilled and well studied men and women who saved my dad’s life were what the perfect description of well- educated .I
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