Well In One Second After By William Forstchen: Summary

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like in a post apocalyptic world, Well in One Second After by William Forstchen it talks about it. A summary of the book is a man has to try to find a way to help his family survive a world without electricity. They have to learn how to survive and figure out what's going on and how everything is now going back 100 years and people are going crazy. People now are going to cannibalism and how people just want to live but there is no communication with the outside world. They now have to survive and hopefully don't get eaten alive or get killed by what's out there. “It was something that always defeated him. He prided himself on being a damn good father” ( William Forstchen 96). The theme of the book is not to let your ego take over with what has to be done or become selfish because you are the best. I say this because the main character is a military commander and a father and he can't let that interfere with his family. He makes sure that he takes care about everyone and doesn't think he's the best because he has a high military background. He then gets put in charge and since he was in the army but he doesn't think he can do it. He then learns he has to and he can't let himself get in the way with what has to be done. Also you can’t be selfish because you are in charge because when you only care about yourself and not others you…show more content…
The point of view is important because it can help you understand the character is feeling and that will help you understand the story more. This will help you understand the book as you read. Also you can under what the people are going through and how hard it is for them to survive.
“Absolutely thunderstruck, he couldn’t speak. He looked at Ben. whose arm was now protectively around Elizabeth’s shoulder. Ben tried to look him straight in the eye and then lowered his
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