Well Trained Dog

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And what does your dog have?
Your dog has YOU.
In his life you are huge, and he looks to you for everything, food, shelter, physical and mental exercise, and companionship. The simple training methods we discuss in this book can provide the mental exercise your dog so badly needs, bonding which will benefit you both and almost as a byproduct deliver a well-trained dog.
So let’s look at the benefits that you will gain from this book –
You will find better and clearer ways to communicate with your dog
This will make the training process not only easier but fun for both you and your dog. You will gain a clearer idea of how your dog actually learns
Once you know how to tap into this you can teach your dog anything, well almost
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Make life more interesting for your dog.
Dog training these days is like eating.
There is always someone who will tell you that what you are eating is not good for you, similarly there is always someone with a different training method which they claim will prove to be better. Usually it isn’t really a different method just a different slant on an existing one.
One of the reasons for this is the increasing emphasis on the marrying of the sci- ence of behavior, or at least a part of it, with the more traditional training methods.
This use of science if employed correctly makes for a much more reliable and enjoyable way of training dogs - for both dogs and handlers.
There seem to be nearly as many different methods of training as there are authors but basic problem solving applies in all of them.
That is one of the main advantages of this book.
The very basic steps are sometimes the ones that are neglected and are the ones which help everyone to stay on track.
We don’t all want the same level of obedience from our dogs nor should we want to. Just as we as humans are all different, so are dogs and so it must be that

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