Wellness And Physical Fitness

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Wellness Profile Physical Wellness – I do an extended exercise every Saturday early in the morning running half of mile before I eat my breakfast. Besides that, I participate in physical fitness in the gym a sport when I am on the beach. In addition, I am wanting to take yoga classes as soon as possible. The goals for a for my meal will be on weekly basic and I will figure out what types of food will be good for my body, and my doctor visit will be every year. If I will add new goals to my daily meal, it will be healthy snack that I will take at work. I will increase my membership in the physical fitness to regularly do my exercise on a daily basic. Emotional wellness – I endeavor to remain positive even in the most frightful…show more content…
I would like to converse with them about their experience they have had in their lives and furthermore share mine. I am extremely merciful to other people and I believe to hear out different people issues too. Environmental Wellness – Recycling should be one of our focus and to be part of our lives. Now human is producing waste materials with such speech that it almost very hard for us say we are live in clean world. I tried my possible best to donate clothing to charity and recycle plastic bottles for the benefit of others. There are quite of approaches to diminish the land waste and decrease contamination. Career/Financial Wellness Right now the money I am working for is not enough for me and my family. My boss refused to pay me the salary of caseworker because I don’t have a degree on my career field. Although the job is goo but the pay rate is low that why I am in school after my degree, I will make what the caseworker are making. So my goals now I am working on my degree in order to be able to earn more money from my job. In view of my present way of life and my objectives for the future, what do I think my position on the wellness continuum will be in 5 years? What new wellness practices will I need to receive to accomplish my objectives? I believe if I continue my present lifestyle of Wellness I will no doubt be in “change and development” or “abnormal state of health” regardless I have to proceed at the present course that I
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