Wellness Center Mission And Vision

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Geographic location :

It is located in located at the corner of Belvedere and University Avenues in Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island University. It is very convenient to students from both UPEI and Holland collage. However its also convenient to whom they work in town and live around it, such as Cornwall , Marshfield and even in Stratford.

UPEI fitness Center Mission and Vision

Providing leadership and athletic excellence and great physical activity programs and classes to maximize health and wellness. UPEI Fitness department provide all students and community members the physical activity needed as well as enhancing the educational experience. With its vision,UPEI recreation center will provide quality
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2. Threat of new Entrants
"Goodlife" fitness will be entering the Charlottetown market within the next year
Good life fitness center is offering a variety of classes plus boot camps and personal fitness training this competitive company may be a threat to not only upei but also to the other fitness companies, a new company can attract new customers, and old ones too.

2. Threat of Substitutes
It’s when the same product exists in another industry to fulfil the same need an example for that is the work out machines in all the fitness centers. They all offer beverages in the fitness center
A high threat of substitutes will have an impact on an industry ability to set prices. If a substitute is priced lower or fulfills the needs better, then it may end up attracting consumers towards it and that will reduce the costumers. It is at most threat when affected by factors, for example relevant price same type of products and loyalty
Bargaining power of buyer and suppliers: to begin with is the barning force of purchasers which mean when the intense purchasers have impact on the business ' benefit. By either expanding the opposition, constraining down costs which will all impact the business productivity. Second is the bartering force of suppliers its when the suppliers raise the costs or lessens the nature of the merchandise which will likewise prompt a diminishing in the
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