Wellness Center Mission And Vision

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Geographic location : It is located in located at the corner of Belvedere and University Avenues in Charlottetown,Prince Edward Island University. It is very convenient to students from both UPEI and Holland collage. However its also convenient to whom they work in town and live around it, such as Cornwall , Marshfield and even in Stratford. UPEI fitness Center Mission and Vision Mission: Providing leadership and athletic excellence and great physical activity programs and classes to maximize health and wellness. UPEI Fitness department provide all students and community members the physical activity needed as well as enhancing the educational experience. With its vision,UPEI recreation center will provide quality programs. The progress so far: Upei wellness focus in open regular through out the semesters and in summer. Every year the quantity of workers utilizing the entertainment focus has expanded around 20% for every year since 2012. Current number of workers whom are individuals is 1000. Group individuals then again, has additionally expanded. Upei understudies then again the quantities of month to month visits by 20% 6.200 every month. Presently 200 group individuals are individuals with the wellness focus, shrivel it 1,2,6 or a year participation. The numbers have expanded by 20%. The wellness focus is putting forth a ton of administrations, and a considerable measure of classes. Particularly individual preparing it has expanded by 40%
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