Wellness Is An Important Aspect Of Wellness

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Wellness is the state of being in optimal health and well-being. It encompasses the body, mind, and spirit which are integrated by an individual to live life more fully within the human and the community or else the environment. Being in a state of well-being individual’s joy and happiness is seen in the lives of the people. Less stress is experienced when wellness prevails. Wellness is an indication of an individual’s quality of life which has been used to show how individuals are satisfied with life. Their productivity also depends on how well they are because being unwell will decrease productivity. Happiness is an important aspect of wellness because happiness is a positive energy that will lead to an increased energy level. The physical, emotional and mental well-being will all depend on the state of the body, mind and spirit. There some indicators of wellness in an individual such as personality characteristics, lifestyle influences and behaviors. Other wellness indicators which have been proposed include having enough energy, maintaining one’s independence, satisfying and supportive relationships, and positive thinking.
Promoting well-being always encompasses an individual’s physical, mental, and social resources and promotes protective factors and conditions that foster health. The healthy people 2020 have defined well-being as a way to have resistance on diseases and to manage ourselves towards contraction of diseases to remain in a state of well-being other than
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