Wellness Mission Statement

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Mission Statement
University of Southern California’s Master of Science in Global Medicine (MSGM) Program is a one-year long specialized program dedicated to “the understanding, prevention, and treatment of disease on a global scale” according to their mission statement.
Cost and Financial Aid
According to MasterPortal, this 12-month Master’s program is $47,771, including the cost of studying abroad (excluding airfare). As far as financial aid, USC reports that 63% of their students receive some sort of financial aid. In addition, USC “offers a short-term tuition payment plan and a prepayment plan”.
• USC Wellness: Provides students with support in acknowledging the mental, physical, and financial challenges medical and graduate school can present. The Wellness focuses on mental, physical, spiritual, financial, and academic health, and integrates it into their curriculum, so it does not burden the student’s academic schedule.
• USC Libraries: The Keck School of Medicine has access to a myriad of libraries for a number of different focuses, including: o Norris Medical Library o Jennifer Ann Wilson Dental Library o Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Library o AC+USC Medical Center Library o Keck Hospital of USC Library

Program Size
Keck Medical School has 1,500 full-time faculties, 1,800 staff, and 1,200 students and trainees. When the MSGM program started in May of 2008, it began with 12 students, all of whom went on to medical and dental school after completion. The program is now capped at 80 people per year.
Key People
• Mario Molina who is the “president and CEO of Fortune 500 company Molina Healthcare Inc.”
• Henri Ford who was elected president of American Pediatric Surgical Association, which is the most rare and prestigious milestone for a surgeon
• Dr. Elahe Nezami was named Regional Director of Asian-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health, a non profit dedicated to taking on the health challenges of the Asian-Pacific region of the world
The students of the Global Medicine Program launched Keck School of Medicine’s first Health Care Leadership Forum: “Business of Healthcare in the U.S.: A Look to the Future” and “Dentistry as an Entrance to

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