Wellness, My Physical And Emotional Well Being

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Wellness the overall well-being of an individual in all aspects of life. True wellness is having a healthy balance of not only physical and emotional but, financial, spiritual, health, personal development and relationships. Many of us over look these other aspects when we consider our own wellness. The quality of life assessment measures the strengths and areas of development in an individuals life.
Only two factors come to mind when I think wellness, my physical and emotional well-being. The term wellness embodies so much more than that! Wellness is defined as “the multidimensional and holistic, encompassing lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment” (Hettler, Six). I often ask myself if I’m well overall, typically my answer is no because, life is a roller coaster in each aspect of wellness. In my life something is always off whether it’s getting enough rest, finances or my health. At this time in my life I have areas that are in great balance, I although need to target the areas that need development. After taking a quality of life assessment, I’m able to understand and distinguish what my strengths and weakness are.
Growing up my aunt used to tell me “life will put you in situations that will target your weaknesses, it’s then when you’ll experience growth”. Till this day I keep my aunt 's advice in mind when I’m going through a rough patch. As a college student I often struggle with finances because, I have no financial support from anyone. My

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