Wellness Plan

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Developing an Organizational Employee Wellness Plan Sample Outline This outline is intended to be a starting point to guide state agencies in developing their own agency-specific wellness plan. The provided outline addresses specific points to consider in developing the agency plan, but each agency will need to add additional content to define adequately what and how each activity will be implemented in the agency. While the outline is presented in this format for ease of reading and brevity, a more narrative format is recommended to serve as the actual agency wellness plan. Additionally in some sections, such as Program Objectives and Program Content, the outline provides suggested objectives or program content for agencies to…show more content…
By the end of FY , at least % of mothers of young children will report that their worksite environment and policies supported their efforts to begin and/or continue breastfeeding. III. Survey of Employee Needs A. Employees were surveyed to gather data on their interest in wellness activities, types of events, topics of interest, and preferred cost and times for activities. In summary, the following results were noted: IV. Eligibility Requirements A. All employees are eligible for voluntary participation in the wellness activities. B. Family members are eligible to participate per guidelines set by the organization: V. Use of Facilities A. Wellness program activities will take place in appropriate designated spaces. This may include conference rooms and other available on-site indoor and outdoor areas as well as off-site locations. VI. Providers of Instruction A. Providers of instruction or services for the wellness program will include:(health educators, nutritionists, mental health professionals, certified fitness instructors, qualified yoga instructors, registered massage therapists, and others as appropriate to the agency plan). B. Only persons with accepted degrees or recognized training/certification will be selected. The agency wellness coordinator will review providers’ qualifications to ensure the highest standards are met. C. All leaders of vigorous exercise will meet all required criteria including current CPR certification,
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