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ADVANTAGES According to Hareyah (2009), healthier employees will spend less time away from work; this can be the result of an effective wellness program. Sick employees who continue to present themselves at work can have a negative effect on employee morale. A company wellness program can improve the overall health and wellbeing of your employees. This can contribute to a decrease in presenteeism, and effectively increase employee morale. An ill employee can also cause other employees to fall ill, when they would otherwise not have fallen ill to begin with. Employee wellbeing and employee productivity are strongly connected. Hareyah (2009) also states that an effective employee wellness plan can “decrease stress, improve concentration,…show more content…
According to the study done by Gallup, Inc. (2010), “Businesses big and small are realizing the importance of their role in the health and wellbeing of their employees. Healthy employees are more productive, report higher job satisfaction and lead to higher employee retention rates. The monetary benefits of providing for employees' wellbeing are immense; and a comprehensive corporate wellness plan can dramatically reduce health insurance costs and premiums, sick days and employee turnover.”

DISADVANTAGES The actual costs of implementing a wellness plan varies from company to company, from provider to provider, and it also depends upon the type of plan implemented. However, ScienceDaily (2010) reports that “A Midwest utility company learned firsthand that it pays to keep healthy employees fit, reaping a net savings of $4.8 million in employee health and lost work time costs over nine years. Over the nine years, the utility company spent $7.3 million for the program and showed $12.1 million in savings associated with participation. Medical and pharmacy costs, time off and worker's compensation factored into the savings.”


An important part of this research includes and overview of what other companies are doing, as well as, a highlight of actual plans from two major wellness plan

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