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Wellness Program Not Taking Off? How to Get Your Employees Motivated and Moving

If your business has recently started a wellness program or the one you have developed has become stagnant, you may want to start thinking about incentives you can offer to increase employee involvement. The truth is that a wellness program shows your employees that they matter and, a healthier employee will be a more productive employee. To get your employees motivated for your wellness program, consider the following advice:

Recognition for Accomplishments
Many people love to get a pat on the back for a job well done. Social recognition in your wellness program can go a long way when you notice their accomplishments. A simple call out to those who have done
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The fact is that it works. People are motivated by money and, if your employee knows they will get money for meeting a goal, such as quitting smoking, you will see more of your employees setting goals in your wellness program.

Personalization of Program
Your wellness program should also be personalized for each individual. One person my need to quit smoking, while another employee needs to lose weight to be healthier. Allowing your employees the option to pick and choose out of the program will give them more motivation to participate in it.

Communication with Employees
The biggest reason that employees do not participate in a wellness program offered by their company is that they are not fully aware of it. If you have a wellness program, spread the word throughout your whole company. Utilize staff meetings, email, and whatever other communications you have within your company. The more your company talks about it, the more your employees will become involved.

A company wellness program offers benefits to both the employer and employees. When your employees start participating, they are going to get healthier, feel better, and improve many aspects of their life. As an employer, you will see a change in your employees and may just find that your employees are becoming more
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