Wellness Programs Affecting The Workplace

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Wellness Programs Affecting the Workplace
Company wellness programs may be the answer to help company managers and employees live an overall better lifestyle. Wellness “is understood to reach physical health to encompass a more holistic mind-body approach that also considers good mental and emotional health” (Walsh, 2015). The purpose of the wellness program is to go further than the physical appearance and help from the inside out. Helping the inside of the body to become healthier is more beneficially to us. I propose to research the increase in productivity within the workplace as well as the overall health impact wellness programs have on employees.
Illness and diseases have increased dramatically over the years. Illness is “a
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When companies are thinking of investing in a wellness program, they need to understand that it may take a few years to get a return on investment. Employees may be hesitant in the beginning since it is a new program, and they may not know all the benefits and incentives to participating in this new program. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana had their fitness program for over five years before noticing a return. For every $1.00 spent in the investment, Blue Cross Blue Shield was making $2.51 (Aurora, n.d.).
If every Fortune 500 company would invest in getting a wellness program, health care costs would decrease dramatically. There are many types of wellness programs: reduce in smoking, diabetes management, weight loss, and preventative health screenings. Each type of program can be incorporated into one to make one healthy wellness program. Each program is important in decreasing health care costs in the United States.

1992, IRSA, the Association of Quality Clubs This graph shows the return per dollar invested into getting company wellness programs. Six out of the 7 companies showed a return per dollar and PepsiCo had the same return as they put into the program which does not count as a loss.
Employees who participate in wellness programs are more likely to have higher satisfaction. Higher satisfaction is

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