Wellness Programs: Disease Management Essay

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Definitions Disease Management Disease management, as defined by the Care Continuum Alliance (CCA), 2011, is a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive, continuous, and coordinated method to achieving desired outcomes by utilizing preventive measures and evidence-based practice guidelines to alter the natural course of the disease; therefore, improving the overall health for a population. These outcomes include processes of reducing healthcare costs while improving the quality of life for individuals by preventing or minimizing the efforts of a disease through integrative care (CCA, 2011). Program success relies that a comprehensive system be in place that incorporates the patient, physician, and health plan into one system with one common…show more content…
The functional elements of a wellness program utilize a combination of educational, executive, and environmental behaviors designed to support actions conducive to the health of individuals (Watt, Verma, & Flynn, 2008). These programs offer dedicated counseling services to assist individuals with the development and integration of preventive health plans and address lifestyle behaviors that lead to either prevention of illness or a higher quality of life (Watt, Verma, & Flynn, 2008). Program Examples Disease Management Program Congestive heart failure (CHF) affects approximately five million Americans and is the only cardiovascular disease on the rise. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), 2008, “CHF is a highly prevalent, costly condition that imposes a significant burden on those it affects.” Conventional CHF care tends to center on acute rather than chronic management strategies, which has negative implications for both cost and quality of care (HHS, 2008). Baylor University Medical Center (BUMC), located in Dallas, Texas, recognized that the traditional medical model was inefficient and did not permit sufficient time to adequately coordinate care for this patient population; and thus, opened the Jake and Jane Hamilton CHF Clinic in 2004 (BUMC, 2004). The BUMC Jake and Jane Hamilton CHF Clinic monitors the health status of ambulatory CHF patients and
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