Wellness Programs : Employee Retention, And Job Satisfaction

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Abstract Through the many stresses and tensions that employees face on a daily basis in the workplace and at home, wellness programs were setup to assist in alleviating the health risks that are brought on by prolonged workplace stress. Health wellness programs are beneficial to employee health outcomes, but they are extremely beneficial to organizations in regards to employee retention, and job satisfaction. In my paper you will read how wellness programs continue to have considerable growth, even though wellness programs are a direct cost to the employer, they have had positive benefits to the employer that prove that they produce a great return on investment for organizations. Research suggests that even in this economic climate, businesses should not be focusing on the costs of time and money for these wellness programs but should be looking at these programs as an asset that will give their business a competitive advantage over others, and will reduce turnover and eventually save the organization money. Still some businesses yield to the traditional wisdom that employees in the workplace need to focus solely on work and nothing else, however this unfashionable way of thinking is steadily declining. It is becoming the norm for large organizations to implement employee wellness program, as many are continuously recognizing the long-lasting positive effects on the employee and the organization/employer.

The notion of well-being as defined by Merriam-Webster
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