Wellness Reflection

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My sophomore year has imposed a great deal of significant changes in my life. Some of which are for the better and, debatable, some for the worst. However, the changes I have made in my life affected my life through my Dimensions of Wellness. Dimensions of Wellness consist of seven weights of your life. When one aspect falls or rises the others will be affected in a positive or negative way. To maintain a stable or well lifestyle, all of these aspects must be in total balance. The dimensions that fell flat in my life was my environmental, emotional, and occupational wellness. Environmental Wellness is achieved through living in a clean area and being aware of the conditions around me. Moving out of my parents place and moving in with my fiance was the largest step leap forward into adulthood I have made within this past school year. I have learned that being a homeowner and balancing school is the hardest thing a single or even a couple of beings can do. I am proud of my home, It is a symbol of accomplishment and my future. But, there have been times when the area of our house has become untidy. I was never bothered by it when I was rushing to work or running late for class. It was when I was studying that I noticed all of the tasks that needed to be done. They would bother me to the extent of disrupting my studies in order to clean my home. Studying, being a crucial aspect of being a student was then robbed of me thus causing a shift in my intellectual wellness. As my

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