Wellness Reflection

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In the beginning of the semester, my class and I were asked to assess our current wellness. As I assessed myself, I thought about my strengths and weaknesses within the components of wellness: spiritual, social, physical, emotional, intellectual, occupational, and environmental. As I evaluated each component I was able to narrow down my strengths and weaknesses. I came to the conclusion that I excel in my physical and social components, but needed improvement in my emotional component; my stress level rose due to the start of school and closing of college application deadlines. In addition to my high stress level, I had noticed my lack in hydration. I realized that I lacked in water intake because my main focus throughout the day was getting work done on time which caused me to forget about drinking the right amount of water I needed. Evaluating my strengths and weaknesses taught me to focus more on my emotional well-being and my health.
Later in the semester, my class and I went through a fitness screening process. One of the stations was the push-up station. After I completed my push-ups I had realized that I had done less push-ups than I did the past Spring. This result lead me to the desire of increasing my muscle mass in my upper body in order to complete more push-ups by the next fitness screening test. When the fitness screening process was completed I had come to the conclusion of the three areas of health and fitness I wanted to improve upon. I had decided to reduce my daily stress, increase my upper body strength, and increase my daily water intake. Once I recognized the three areas of health and fitness I wanted to improve upon, I began to initiate my plan of action. In order to reduce my stress I planned to download a meditation app on my iPhone. I planned to do a five to ten minute meditation session for four days a week --Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday-- for the first six weeks. For the following six weeks I planned to take a one hour yoga class every Sunday. To track my progress I planned to write a journal entry every Sunday about how I felt after meditating. Furthermore, to increase my upper body strength I planned to do fifteen push-ups in the morning and at night, after I wake
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