Wellness Workout Plan

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Beginning on October 31st I will be starting a two-and-a-half-week wellness workout plan that I have designed to improve my health and wellness. Along with my workout, I will be implementing a lifestyle change. I feel that my current level of fitness is moderate and needs to be improved. I have adopted the attitude of saying “I don’t have enough time” and “I just don’t enjoy it.” I find myself constantly in the action stage of change and then slipping back into the contemplation stage on a daily and weekly basis. I will find a workout online and tell myself that I am going to stick with this workout and get myself in shape. I will do the workout for one day, and then on the next I push it off and off and eventually just never do it. I currently…show more content…
I chose these components of wellness and fitness to improve on because during the in class lab I found myself to be moderate to low in these categories. I am also self-aware of my fitness level and know that these are areas I am lacking in and could use the improvement. For example, my goal is to improve cardiovascular endurance because when exercising I find myself to be out of breath really quickly which is why I know that this is a component of fitness I need to improve upon. I will accomplish my goals by rotating leg exercises two days a week with ab and arm exercises the other three days. Every day I will be walking for a designated amount of time and completing a designated amount of jumping jacks. The walking portion of my exercise is going to be my warmup. To improve my cardiovascular endurance, I will be performing jumping jacks on a daily basis along with a core strengthening ab workout video on alternating days. The core strengthening video will also go towards improving my muscular endurance along with wall sits, squats and lunges. I will also be lifting 5lb weights to improve the muscular strength in my arms. To improve my balance I will be spending three days a week doing yoga using Wii Fit for fifteen minutes each
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