Wellness in the Corporate Workplace

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What is Corporate Wellness? Corporate wellness programs are designed to help employers to be acclimated into wellness through their work environment. These wellness programs will help many companies attract and keep their employees healthy at the same time, along with reduce the cost of healthcare within the company. When there is “healthier employees,” then lower healthcare plans for the company. “According to "BusinessWeek," Scotts Miracle Grow instituted a corporate wellness program, after the company realized that 20 percent of its net profits were spent on providing healthcare. When companies reduce their health plan this not only helps them, but it also helps their employees to lower their deductions and co-pays, as well as prescription drugs. When employers help keep employees healthy it helps to reduce absenteeism and a high job turnover. Wellness programs are designed to increase morale, and it lets the employees know that they are not just a number, but, that their employer cares about them. There are Corporate Wellness programs that are found in different types of businesses and corporations. It is used to help reduce the healthcare expense that many employers are facing today. There are many companies in the corporate world who want to help reduce healthcare expenses, along with making the work environment less stressful for their employees. The corporate world along with other types of companies have opened workplace wellness that consists of exercise
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