Wells Fargo : A Strong Financial Lending Company

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Wells Fargo is known to be a very strong financial lending company. Their strengths is the high cash volume of over $500 billion in assets as well as being a powerful distribution in the banking industry. Another strength is that they have relationships to serval different industries such as real estate, technology, media, financial services, retail, and many others. Since the 1800’s they have main their roots into the mind of individuals of being a strong and trustworthy company. Wells Fargo is a well-known name and so is their marketing strategy. The company is fundamentally base on hardworking and smart employees from all over types of diverse lifestyles. Being considered America largest bank ranking at number twelve in the most admired companies worldwide. A strategy that I believe Wells Fargo should take maximum advantage of its strength will be there market strategy. Wells Fargo is well recognize for their marketing strategy in the banking industry, so by marketing well their services is a way of building strategy like a bridge. It help deliver these services nationwide and reach the company goals by using various means available. Overall Wells Fargo strengths is the reason why they are top competitors. Now like any other company Wells Fargo has their weaknesses, these weaknesses include confusion or large scale activity. Being such a large company it is hard to personally know all individuals within the community. By being so large they become targets of fraud and

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