Wells Fargo Vision Statement

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1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction
On the 18th of March 1852, a joint stock company was established to provide banking and express services in California named Wells Fargo (Wells Fargo, 2017). Nowadays, Wells Fargo is one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. Wells Fargo maintains 70 million customers in 130 countries which rank them based on the Forbes magazine among the top 10 publicly traded companies in the World (Wells Fargo, 2017). The institution themselves describes their vision statement of their operations as satisfying customers financial needs and help them succeed financially (Wells Fargo, 2017). Furthermore, Wells Fargo adopted five core values (People as a competitive advantage, Ethics, what is right for customers, diversity & inclusion and Leadership) (Wells Fargo, 2017) into their operations which align with the vision statement and represent the foundation of work (Wells Fargo, 2017). Besides the vision and the core values of Wells Fargo, the strategy of acting on the financial market is important. Hence, Wells Fargo wants to deepen relationships and attract new customers, serve their customer anywhere and everywhere and consistently earns trust by offering financial security through a risk-focused culture (Wells Fargo, 2017). Compiling the
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Firstly, the required book of the subject Governance, Compliance and Risk Management written by Steinberg, R.M helped to understand the background of Governance, Compliance and Risk Management and how the case is affected by the three elements. Further usage of books had been management books of Anthony, Robert N. & Govindarajan, Vijay (2005), Merchant, Kenneth & van der Stede, Wim A. (2008) and Arvidsson, P. (2004) to represent the data collection in the main field of research. Subsequently, enclosed figures within the report will emphasize the position of the authors and represent the core values of the
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