Wendell Berry - the Hurt Man

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The Hurt Man

Life is full of loss and you cannot avoid experiencing it and well as sorrow. As people grow up they come to realize that the world is not as it seemed to be when they were younger. They get more independent and their perspective of life changes. They will have to realize that they are not going to live forever. In the short story The Hurt Man, written by Wendell Berry and published in 2003, we meet Mat who learns all of this.

During the short story Mat is growing up. He is born unexpected but he is still very much appreciated. His parents watch him closely so he does not get hurt but this change as he becomes older. At the age of five, the household gets busier and Mat is now more independent.
“[...] he was curious
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Cass’s husband has previously been a slave. In 1772 it became illegal to sell slaves in Britain but this does not of necessity mean that people did not have slaves. In addition to the appearing people the environment tells a lot about the time, too. To get hot water Nancy has to bring a kettle over a noon fire. It is also difficult for them to find a doctor. They cannot just telephone one. They have to go searching for one and they are not always findable. This gives you an idea about the theme of the short story is timeless. It was, as said before, published in 2003 which means that the writer wrote the short story many, many years later. But it is still current and relevant. Loss, sorrow, growing up, independence and changing perspectives are all universal.
Mat sees the seriousness and hardness of life during the incident of the hurt man. Al-though the hurt man does not die Mat realizes that he could have. That he will someday. Besides, the graveyard of the town is more populous than the town itself. This illustrates that death is such a massive part of the town, the world, and life.
This is not the only thing Mat realizes in the course of the hurt man’s presence and his mother’s actions. “After that, her losses would be his. The losses would come. They would come to him and his mother. They would come to him and Margaret, his wife [...]” (ll. 139-142)
The mentioning of his wife shows that Mat is all

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