Wendy's Marketing Strategy

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1. Industry background data and history. Industry Data • • • • • Annual Growth of 3.7% a year in the next 5 years Australia is the 11th biggest-spending fast-food nation in the world experiencing exponential growth in the last decade Traffic to Australian fast-food outlets increased between 3 and 7% in 2010 We are now the 39th fattest nation on earth The industry employs 307,127 accounting for roughly 3% of the Australian Workforce Australians are in love with franchising. The industry is going from strength to strength as the nation’s appetite for personal services and retail goods continues to grow and the business model attracts new industries. Facts The number of franchise chain has jumped by 21.4%, from 700 in 2002 to 850 in…show more content…
However, the increased emphasis on health and nutrition has caused demand for traditional ice cream and other similarly high-sugar and fatty foods to fall overall. Emerging Submarkets – low fat, health focused submarket of the ‘treat / icecream’ market. Market Profitability - Fast Food & Ice cream markers are profitable, though margins are lower than in some other industries due to heavy competition. Key Success Factors – product innovation (for example new lower fat options), attractive product presentation (to make offering more appealing, to maximise impulse purchases) , having a clear market position (brand and positioning is clear on what segments and products its offering – whether a health positioning, indulgent treat etc), Convenient access (good locations with high walk/drive by traffic, access to parking, proximity to other complimentary retailers or businesses), stock control (ability to manage stock and stock costs – to minimise logistics cost, wastage etc), human resources (reliable, customer focused staff). Segmentation A number of segmentation approaches were considered including customer demographics (eg gender, age), customer lifestyle (families, young singles, retirees), product benefits (taste, quality, prestige, diary content, low-calorie), channel preference (shopping centre, stand alone/high street, home delivery,
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