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Wendy Company

Report to the Turnaround Committee

Prepared By:
ABC Consulting, LLC
Bryant Perez

August 12, 2013



Executive Summary Background Competition and the Market Field Reports and Competitive Analysis Problems Recommendations Summary Pro-Forman Income Statement Pro-Forma Balance Sheet Notes to Pro-Forma Statements Appendix A: Competitors & Ratios Appendix B: Field Reports Appendix C: Product Analysis Appendix D: Restructuring Timeline

Executive Summary

Wendy’s is currently the world’s 2nd largest quick-service hamburger company, operating 1,438 stores and franchising 5,177 store in the U.S. and 27
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and 27 countries In 1970, Dave Thomas opened his second store which featured a state of the art drive-up window. In 1976 Wendy’s went public and opened its 500th store. In 1979, Wendy’s introduced the still popular “Where’s the Beef” advertising campaign.

Following Dave Thomas’ vision, Wendy’s commits to ‘redefining quality’. Wendy’s states “our promise is to only use the freshest ingredients to create the best-tasting food for you. Quality is out promise and our recipe.” To that end, Wendy’s uses ‘fresh never frozen’ ingredients and make its food to order. In national taste tests, Wendy’s consistently outranks the competition in terms of quality and taste.

Competition and the Market

Wendy’s falls into the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. Their market is primarily driven by the demand from consumers for fast food products and services. This industry strives on high volume, low cost, and speedy service. In this industry it is not uncommon for food to be pre-prepared and re-heated for consumption. The result of this is customers are able to eat a familiar meal at each location, with standard menu’s and marketing across the entire market. Headquartered out of Columbus Ohio, The Wendy’s Company competes worldwide. With the majority of their operations in North America/Latin America, unlike their competitors Wendy’s has yet to venture in to
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